Olorin Announces Acquisition of Bio Nutrition Research Labs

Wilmington, DE – 07/10/2012 – It is estimated that about 30 million people from all over the world suffer from onychomycosis, commonly called nail or toenail fungus. The condition often seems harmless at first, with minor nail discoloring as an initial symptom. However, fungus can make the nails, hands and feet infection-prone and lead to their complete loss or deformity – especially when the condition is left untreated. A new merger of Olorin will allow a new line of products for improved treatment of this condition.

Olorin has recently completed the purchase of Bio Nutrition Research Labs, Inc., a corporation based in Queens, New York. The new acquisition will assist in expanding Olorin’s nutritional and pharmaceutical research.

“The merger of our two companies provides Olorin with groundbreaking research and valuable product lines in the rapidly growing OTC and cosmeceutical markets. This also utilizes our financial and management strength to give them the ability to expand,” explained Stephen Graves, CEO of Olorin.

Olorin, Inc., and its expanded pharmaceutical research division aims to help toenail fungus sufferers with the aunch of its patent pending Toenail Fungus Treatment under the FixaFungus™ line of products for fighting the skin and nails. The innovative over-the-counter product provides an easy-to-use, all-in-one treatment system for eliminating nail fungus. Many of the FixaFungus products utilize Fungicillin™ – a powerful broad spectrum antifungal made from natural organic compounds extracted from a variety essential oils and food additives.

“We are especially excited about our breakthrough new Toenail Fungus Treatment for the over-the-counter treatment of onychomycosis, expected to launch later this summer,” added Graves.

Fungicillin™ offers a proprietary blend of derivatives, distillates and extracts of Manuka oil, red thyme oil, oil of oregano, Foraha/Tamanu oil, turpentine, castor oil, Melaleuca oil, clove tree, eucalyptus and garlic, which individually act as antifungals and work synergistically to alleviate the symptoms of fungal infections.

In addition, with Bio Nutrition brands now part of the company’s line-up, Olorin products span the continuum of care – from nutriceutical to cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical therapies. The expansion includes Adispose™, an injectable product used in mesotherapy for the cosmetic treatment of fatty deposits through the lipolysis of adipose tissue; SkinOSense™, a cosmeceutical line of luxury acne and skin care treatments; as well as Wolverine Cream™, a restorative ointment for wound treatment.

The market for cosmeceuticals in the United States is a $6.5 Billion per year industry and is projected to continue to increase at rate of 5.8% annually through 2015. With this growth, it presents an opportunity for companies to introduce new products to the market to serve various needs. The OTC topical nail fungus industry is in excess of $2 billion and antifungal medications for athlete’s foot and jock itch are in excess of $500 million.

“As global awareness and relative buying power increase, the global markets for these products are expected to grow widely over the next few years providing Olorin, Inc. great opportunities to capture market share in these spaces,” continued Graves regarding the outlook of the industry.

To learn more about the products and research of Olorin, visit http://fixafungus.com/ for details about the introduction of Fungicillin™ to join their product line.

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